2004 Dodge Pickup

  • 2004 Dodge Pickup

    Dodge Pickup
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    • Client would like all belts changed. Hoses are OE, check and replace if needed. – Look over
    • Removed right front inner gender well, unbolted and removed air box, horn tube to turbo, and inner fan shroud. Cut out failed serpentine belt from around fan clutch. Unbolted tensioner and removed with the remainder of the serpentine belt. Noted the A/C compressor is leaking from behind clutch and fan clutch is leaking. Recommend replacing fan clutch and A/C system. Completed recommended repairs and installed new belt tensioner assembly with serpentine belt. Road tested.
    • Removed and replaced fan clutch.
    • Evacuate and recover refrigerant from A/C system. Renew A/C compressor, receiver/dryer & orifice tube. Unbolted battery cables and removed right side battery tray. Flush lines, condenser and evaporator core. Install A/C equipment and pull vacuum on system and check for leaks. Cleaned all battery cables and batteries. Reinstalled all removed parts. Recharge system to capacity. Check for proper system operation and check outlet temperatures.
    • Removed and replaced A/C condenser.
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