2017 Ford F-150

  • 2017 Ford F-150

    Ford F-150
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    • Pulled vehicle into shop, confirmed steering stiffness, noted ABS light on and stabilitrac message warning. Checked codes: U0415 invalid data received from antilock brake system control moduleA, C0030 left front tone wheel, C0051 steering wheel position sensor. Inspected and found left front wheel bearing has severe play. Both front tires have notable uneven wear on inside. Removed left front tire and found even pad wear (8mm), uneven rotor wear. Recommend replacing both front wheel bearings, 4wd hubs, front brakes and tire rotation.
    • Removed damaged unit bearings, Integrated wheel ends and brake components. Installed new IWE's and Unit Bearings, Cleaned brake calipers / slides and installed new pads and rotors upon re – assembly. Road test to bed in the brakes and confirm proper operation
    • Rotate all 4 tires per manufactuer recommendation. Inspect for wear and set air pressures.
    Kassidy K. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/29/2024


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