2017 RAM 3500 HD

  • 2017 RAM 3500 HD

    RAM 3500 HD
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    • Road tested and inspected. Found right front wheel hub/ unit bearing has excessive movement. recommend replacing both wheel hub/ unit bearings.
    • Removed front tires and brakes. Removed wheel hubs, cleaned spindles and installed new wheel hubs. Reinstalled all removed parts and road tested.
    • Removed rear tires, calipers, hub, rotors. Found rear wheel seals leaking, removed and replaced rear wheel seals. Cleaned all parts and installed new rotors, pads and calipers. Reinstalled all removed parts. Completed brake fluid flush and bled air from system. Road tested.
    • Suction out reservoir and install flushing equipment loaded with new fluid. Install suction on each caliper and recover old fluid. Clean area when finished.
    • Removed all parts necessary and removed serpentine belt. Inspected tensioner and pulley. Installed new serpentine belt and re installed all removed parts. Road tested.
    • DEF fluid: top off
    • Removed and replaced front shocks
    • Removed and replaced rear shocks.
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